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Welcome to the Fat Doctor Clinic!


THE FAT DOCTOR is an idea of Novinataliya,
who used to feel uncomfortable of her own fat body. She really likes fashion, but unfortunately it's difficult for her to find any fashionable clothes that actually fit on her!
And when they do, they are either the older models that are on sale or ones that are seriously expensive.

Then it came to her, seeing the same complaints of other girls having the similar problems, why not open her own shop and provide the answer to those problems herself?

And so she opened her first online shop "BESAR dan CANTIK" (meaning "BIG and BEAUTIFUL") on January 15, 2010. After a year, seeing how things went by, she decided to dedicate her life more into the shop and change its name into "THE FAT DOCTOR"

  • 2010 - The opening of BESAR dan CANTIK online store
  • 2011 - BESAR dan CANTIK changed into The Fat Doctor online store
  • 2012 - The Fat Doctor open its first offline store at Jakarta Selatan

The Fat Doctor Clinic

The Fat Doctor Clinic

The Fat Doctor Clinic